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The following menu of services explains your options as you face

the challenges of losing your hair during chemotherapy treatments:


There are no second chances when it comes to losing hair. Cold cap therapy needs to be done efficiently and correctly. At Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, our main goal is to provide caring support and expertise during your cold cap therapy. Whether that is through training your loved ones to assist you with cold cap therapy, or hiring us to directly support you, we want to help.

Many friends and family of cancer patients are looking for ways to provide practical support. Asking them to help with cold cap therapy is a way they can reduce your stress and mobilize resources. If you have loved ones with the time and energy to support you with Cold Cap Therapy on chemo days, we can train them to be confident and competent.

It is not always practical or desirable to have loved ones help with cold cap therapy. Hiring a professional guarantees a dedicated, committed person to help with the technicalities of the cold cap therapy process. During infusion days, our staff work as liaisons with medical staff to make the cold cap therapy process go smoothly so that your investment in cold cap therapy is successful. If you hire one of our expert capping professionals, you can relax and focus on healing while we take care of the details.

Cold Cap Therapy Telephone Consultation

  • Conversation informing you about Cold Cap Therapy and Penguin Cold Caps

  • Help with the decision of whether or not you may be a good candidate for Cold Cap Therapy

  • Explanation of why manual caps work better than the cold capping machines

  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have


Friends & Family Hands-on Training with a Professional Capping Consultant (3-4 hours)


  • 1 - 4 trusted friends and/or family who will become your capping team

  • Hands-on teaching by a trained Cold Cap Therapy professional

  • Practice by all of your team until they are comfortable with the process & skills needed for Cold Cap Therapy

  • Insurance information to help you apply for insurance assistance

  • Advice on what to do (and not do) before chemo day begins as well as what to bring to the clinic to make the first day run as smoothly as possible

  • A verbal walk-through of how the treatment day will look and may feel at your oncology clinic while doing Cold Cap Therapy

  • Helpful written documents that will help you be successful pre-chemo, during chemo, and post-chemo

  • Critical details and easy errors that happen are discussed and physically shown for the most successful capping possible

  • The trainer will troubleshoot during practice time and provide consulting support over the course of your treatments and as long as needed post-chemo


Virtual Friends & Family Training with a Professional Capping Consultant (3-4 hours)


  • Virtual training for family members and/or friends by watching and talking through demonstrations of the capping process
  • All of the same things are covered as in the above training, only virtually


Full Service Capping within the Twin Cities with a Professional Capping Consultant


  • Capping consultant provides full on-site support at the clinic and at home, or nearby virtually if not allowed in the clinic (Covid)
  • Capping consultant spends the day of chemotherapy treatment with you setting up at the clinic, organizing the equipment, and timing and changing out all the rotated caps
  • Knowledgeable rotation of the Penguin caps in the necessary order and the careful timing of the use of caps in the cooler before, during, and after your chemo infusion
  • Insurance information to help you apply for insurance assistance
  • Written and verbal information concerning pre-hair care, during the treatment months, and post-hair care
  • Capping-related equipment brought to the clinic
  • Capping consultant travel time, mileage, gas, and parking
  • Troubleshooting and consulting support over the course of treatments and as needed post-chemo
  • Ordering and paying for the specific sizes of cut dry ice through our ice resource. We pick up the dry ice the morning of chemo, load the dry ice and cold caps into a cooler, transport everything to your clinic, and take the cooler to the appropriate infusion area within your clinic
  • Disposal of the remains of dry ice at the end of the day. We take the caps and cooler home for cleaning and freezer storage until the next treatment

$675 per day

Out of Town Full Service in Minnesota with a Professional Capping Consultant - for example: Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic), St. Cloud, MN (Colburn Cancer Center), Mankato, MN


  • Gas, mileage, and travel time (up to 1.5 hours from the Twin Cities) to and from the clinic on the day of your chemo infusion
  • Capping consultant provides full on-site support the day of chemotherapy treatment as described above

$875 per day

Out of State Full Service with a Professional Capping Consultant


  • Capping Consultant helps plan projected Cold Cap Therapy needs and helps with the organization of dry ice in client's city
  • Day 1: Capping consultant flies into client's state and then can do an optional afternoon hands-on Cold Cap Therapy Training for family or friends at the hotel or the client's home
  • Day 2: Consultant spends the day of chemo with the client. Sets up at the clinic, organizes the equipment in the infusion room, and then preps, times, and changes out the rotated caps. If there are trainees who have been through the previous afternoon's training, she will instruct and oversee the trainees
  • Helping to organize the move home if the client chooses to leave the clinic after chemotherapy is finished
  • Insurance information to help apply for insurance assistance
  • Written information about pre-hair care, hair care during the treatment months, and post-hair care. Also, all training written documents
  • A list of supplies to purchase and have on hand if there is a capping team
  • Providing instruction to the team for dry ice purchasing, overnight dry ice care, rotation and timing of the caps, and the entire dry ice process for future infusion days
  • Practice time with live feedback and troubleshooting from your trainer
  • Providing consulting support over the course of treatments, and as long as needed post-chemo

​$2500* - this includes the two-day minimum for out of state full service, a one night hotel stay, meals, flights, ground transportation, and any other business expense. *If circumstances require a more costly flight, a car rental, etc. those expenses will be extra.

Hourly Consulting Rate

Sometimes teams need a refresher after two or three weeks of not capping. If you would like a capping consultant to help you and your team feel more confident or if your team is not available part of the day, a capping consultant can be hired by the hour.

$85 per hour, 3 hour minimum (includes travel and prep time)

Penguin Cold Caps must be rented directly through their website. Rental of the caps is not included with our services at Cold Cap Therapy Midwest.


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