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The following menu of services explains your options as you face

the challenges of losing your hair during chemotherapy treatments:


There are no second chances when it comes to losing hair. Cold cap therapy needs to be done efficiently and correctly. At Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, our main goal is to provide caring support and expertise during your cold cap therapy. Whether that is through training your loved ones to assist you with cold cap therapy, or hiring us to directly support you, we want to help.

Many friends and family of cancer patients are looking for ways to provide practical support. Asking them to help with cold cap therapy is a way they can reduce your stress and mobilize resources. If you have loved ones with the time and energy to support you with Cold Cap Therapy on chemo days, we can train them to be confident and competent.

It is not always practical or desirable to have loved ones help with cold cap therapy. Hiring a professional guarantees a dedicated, committed person to help with the technicalities of the cold cap therapy process. During infusion days, our staff work as liaisons with medical staff to make the cold cap therapy process go smoothly so that your investment in cold cap therapy is successful. If you hire one of our expert capping professionals, you can relax and focus on healing while we take care of the details.

Penguin Cold Caps must be rented directly through their website. Rental of the caps is not included with our services at Cold Cap Therapy Midwest.


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