Founder & Owner

   In 2009, Susan helped her sister go through Cold Cap Therapy when it was virtually unheard of in the US. This set her on a new path from university instructor to founder of this meaningful small business. Over the years, Susan has developed the training tools and expertise that gives us our outstanding success rate. Her hope and dream is that people will find Cold Cap Therapy Midwest a reliable and organized company that gives them exceptional care. Susan has a remarkable husband, three amazing children, and seven sweet grandchildren. 



Capping Consultant

Molly is Susan's daughter. She was honored to be asked to join Cold Cap Therapy Midwest in 2016. After earning a BA in Social Work and then working in the foster care and adoption field, Molly had spent nine years at home with her three kids. She was ready and excited to join her mom and become a Cold Cap Therapy consultant. Molly feels privileged to serve and support people during their cancer experience.



Capping Consultant

Diane's life was changed when her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was blessed to have the opportunity to be with her for all 16 treatments. Her friend’s journey inspired Diane to help others maintain their dignity,
self-confidence, and have some control over the chemotherapy experience. Today, she is thankful for more opportunities to meet amazing, hopeful, and inspiring people during such a difficult season in their lives. Diane is the mother of two great kids.


Capping Consultant & Administrator

Judy considers walking a difficult journey with others a gift. She looks forward to spending time and serving those going through a cancer journey. She offers compassion, a trusting relationship, and empathetic care. Judy graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Youth Ministries. She is married to a wonderful man and they have two sweet children.