Quotes From Our Clients
"Cold Cap Therapy...It’s not vanity, it’s about not seeing a sick person in the mirror. How important it that!?"

"Cold capping has been such a success for me, and I am so thankful that it is an option! It helps make the whole diagnosis just a bit more bearable. Even though I have few eyebrows and eyelashes left, I have a beautiful full head of hair. And Judy has been the absolute best capping me! Please know that if you ever have potential clients interested in talking to someone who has been through the process, I am more than happy to share my story with them. Pass along my contact info any time. I highly recommend the services that you provide, and will be spreading the word for sure. Thank you also for your kind words and support through the entire process Susan. Every little bit helps and your encouraging words made a big difference for me."     Paige  July 2018

"I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism, support, availability and willingness to work with my family and friends. You were absolutely wonderful!!!! The best choice I made by far was to ask you for help."     Natalie  July 2018

"I'm so grateful for the great care you and Diane have been giving me, both in your cold cap work capping me, and in your general friendliness and support of me during my treatments. I will continue to tell others about this wonderful way to minimize the trauma of chemotherapy."
    - Theresa K. S.  June 2018

"Thanks for all your kindness, support, and being so terrific to work with. You are an outstanding business owner and I am so grateful I found you!"
    - Mary O.  August 2016

"Susan, I wanted to share a picture of my wife Julie on her last day of chemo. She will be ringing that bell later today! No one would ever know that she is 5 months into the chemo journey. It has meant so much to her to look normal to the rest of the world through the Cold Cap Therapy process that you prepared us to go through. Thank you so much for all your help and for providing Cold Cap Therapy Service! We are so happy we hired you for the Friends & Family Training. I felt confident and ready to do the capping on Julie with each treatment."
     - Wade (& Julie) 2016

"Thanks Susan for being there for me with Cold Cap Therapy. You have made a difficult chemo treatment plan much easier to accept by giving me control of my appearance through no hair loss with chemo. I feel great as a result of your kind and generous support as my "cap coach." Anyone who wants to avoid hair loss during chemo should consider the amazing work that Susan can provide."
     - Dan Nelson 2014

“Cancer is ‘Doom and gloom’ but I found myself a ray of sunshine in the process of using Penguin Cold Caps. Every time I looked in a mirror at least I had my hair - and it gave me such hope!” 
    - Carrie 2010

“I believe it’s important to stay positive during this difficult time. Penguin Cold Caps and my family team helped me do this.”

    - Deb S. 2010

“Using Penguin Cold Caps gave me encouragement & hope during a time when there was such physical & emotional turmoil. I’m so thankful for Susan and her team!”

    - Aine 2011

“I don’t want the ‘cancer sigma’ this ‘badge of honor’ of losing one’s hair. It is such negative energy. I want no one to know about my cancer diagnosis except those I choose to tell. Penguin Cold Caps are positive energy!”

    - Jodi 2010

“When I was done with treatment, I looked great, felt great and chemo & all it's side effects were left behind me. I didn’t have to deal with growing my hair out over the next 3 – 4 years.”

    - Jessica 2012

“Soon, there will be a major push for cold cap therapy due to the pioneer women in the U.S. and their success. I just know it! Word of mouth goes a long way!”

    - Ann 2010

“I felt less like a victim of cancer with necessary medical treatments, and more like the driver of my own care and recovery!”

    - Pat 2011

“Penguin Cold Caps were just one of several strategies (including diet, acupuncture, & exercise) that I’ve used to maintain and rebuild my strength and my spirits.”

    - Ann 2010

“It was bad enough to lose my breasts, but losing my hair...well, I felt this would send me over the cliff. Thank God, I didn’t lose my hair!”

    - Melissa 2011

“I was thrilled I did not have to look like a cancer patient! On the street, no one knew I was battling cancer. I could go out and look normal!”

    - Alisha 2013

“I was battling aggressive cancer, and didn’t want to have to fight to save my hair at the same time. My surgeon suggested I look into Penguin Cold Caps. I’m so happy I chose this option. Here’s a picture Susan of my amazing chin length hair today 5 months after chemo!”

    - Darcy 2010

“One can have quality of life during the arduous time of chemotherapy. ‘Look Good, Feel Better Workshops’ are nothing compared to looking in a mirror during chemotherapy every morning and seeing myself with a full head of hair!”

    - Linda 2013

“From the moment I discovered Penguin Cold Caps, my journey with cancer changed from a heavy burden to a more uplifting experience. I could live my life through the journey, knowing the chemo was doing its job internally but with no outward physical signs of hair loss. When I was finished with chemo, I could move joyously forward into life with no drag of waiting for hair growth. The Penguin Cold Caps were key to a positive attitude during the entire experience. Thank you so much Susan!”

    - Aine 2011

“I found it irritating that everyone I came in contact with wanted me to talk about my health just because of a side effect of a medical treatment…hair loss. I’m using Penguin Cold Caps this time!”

    - Pam 2004 (lost my hair)/2009 (my hair was saved!)/2012 (my hair was saved again!) Reoccurring ovarian cancer

“I found that keeping my hair during chemo helped my young children cope with my diagnosis in a physical way.”

    - Melissa 2011

“I hated that I looked sick for so long after chemo. I wished I had a choice the first time, but I didn’t know. This is my third round of treatment for cancer. You should see my hair!”

    - Pam 2004/2009/2012 Reoccurring ovarian cancer

“The process is long, but once we got going the time flew by. It’s a bit like a pit stop in a car race. Everyone has their role, and all is tightly timed to prevent any follicles from thawing in the changeover. I felt loved and cared for every time my team wrapped my head with a new (colder!) cap. And today I have lot’s of hair!”

    - Aine 2011

“Hi Susan,
First of all, I want to thank you so much for your support and instruction to my team and me last Monday. I thought it went well and we learned how to make it even better the next time by getting an earlier start. Amazingly, the day had many fun parts and went by more quickly than we imagined it would. You were awesome!”
    - Alicia 2011

"When I felt I could keep my hair, I felt empowered. I reclaimed choice and identity, and it gave me strength."

    - Shirley Billigmeier   AOL Health article - Rapunzel Project

"I didn't have control over getting cancer, but I do have control (this time) over keeping my hair."

    - Carrie Greene, recurring breast cancer  Star Tribune article, May 23, 2009

“I understand that some (women) may not be affected by hair loss, but I wish this had been around 20 years ago when my mother went through chemo. Her hair loss was the one last straw that really demoralized her. Keeping her hair would have been such an emotional boost for her. I can see why it is for many others!”

    - Posted by awshucks from the Mpls. Star Tribune article: “Chill out during chemo and maybe keep your hair.” May 23, 2010

“The minute you have an option your outlook switches. Now chemo is more of an exciting journey than a dreaded experience."

    - Shirley Billigmeier  Sun Newspaper April 22, 2010  Rapunzel Project

“Dear Susan, Thanks for supporting my Cold Cap Therapy team surprise Victory Party - with props – the cold caps themselves! This time my husband was the “patient” and I timed the teams. The game was fun! Thanks for all your wonderful support along the way. I hope your clientele is growing. I talk cold cap therapy up whenever I get the chance. Using the caps saved me from the devastation of losing my hair. I’m so thankful! Please let me know if I can help in any way!”

    - Donna, April 2012

"To the office of Penguin Cold Caps in London:

I returned my Penguin Cold Caps to Susan Mulligan on Friday, April 27, 2012. Susan was absolutely wonderful as my contact person. She was available any time by phone or email if I had a question. She also opened her home to my group of friends who helped me throughout the process and did excellent training us for the process. I will be having a CT Scan in the next two weeks and I am hoping for good news. If my doctors recommend chemo treatments again, I will be contacting both you and Susan as I would like to use Penguin Cold Caps again. Thank you!"
    - Tracy, Duluth, MN/May 2012