Shirley Billigmeier - During Penguin Cold Cap Therapy
(A founder of The Rapunzel Project)

Penguin Cold Caps in the News

Penguin Cold Caps Featured on Good Morning America's
"Medical Marvels"

Twin Cities Live In-depth Look at Penguin Cold Caps

Cold Cap Therapy Midwest Client,
Karen Viger on WDAY 6 Fargo

Saying "No!" to a Wig

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Eileen Bradley on WXYZ Detroit

Before & After Pictures of Lizzbelle, (New Zealand)

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September 18, 2012

July 2012: Arizona Daily Star

May 2012: A client regains her confidence during chemo

[Click on image to see article courtesy of the Botsford Blog]

April 2012: Cold Cap Therapy Article From Oprah Magazine

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APRIL 3, 2012:  Wahpeton Daily News

Cold cap therapy
Karen Viger, Campbell, Minn., can’t control her disease, nor her treatment, 
but she can try to gain the upper hand on her hair loss...   

2012 Breast Cancer Won't Define Me! Blog with B/4 & after pictures

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