Hair Care

Your hair is fragile during chemotherapy and also afterwards for about six months

If you are choosing to use the Penguin Cold Cap System,

it is important that you treat your hair gently and follow this protocol:

1.     Do not use harsh chemicals on your hair like hair dye, peroxide, or perming lotions before, during, and for a limited time after chemo.

2.     If you have a shower head that is quite high pressure or powerful, find a different way to apply water to your head while getting your hair wet or rinsing. If you have a water             saving shower head, it is most likely fine. An option is a 2-cup measuring cup that will work fine. When you are shampooing your hair, use tepid water and a certified                     organic ph balanced shampoo. Gently shampoo and gently pat dry letting the hair dry naturally.

3.     During chemo week, do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours before chemo, and 48 hours after chemo. Wash your hair only once or at the most, twice a week during the             months you are having chemo treatments. When chemo is finished, wash your hair only twice a week for at least 1 month.

4.     Never heat up your hair follicles while in treatment or during the fragile time after treatment. Do not use a hair dryer (except on cold), a curling iron, flat iron, or hot rollers.         One exception would be to heat the longer lengths of hair without direct heat to the scalp.

5.     Comb your hair gently using a wide tooth comb every day. If your hair is fairly long, hold your hair in a way that will protect the roots as you comb or brush your hair.

6.     Do not use elastic type bands to tie back long hair, but you may use soft scrunchy hair bands that will not stress your hair follicles. Barrettes, clips, and other style hair             wear that pull on the roots of a section of hair should be avoided too. Wearing baseball caps, hats and scarves will heat up the follicles on your scalp, and they will cause                 friction. It is best to not wear these while going through chemotherapy or if you are shedding later, but if you must, wear them for only a short while.

7.     Using deodorant containing aluminum is linked to cancer. Stop using any deodorant with aluminum immediately.

8.     After chemotherapy is done and if you are done shedding, wait 3 months until you color your hair, and this should depend on the condition of your hair. Use vegetable                     coloring, but no peroxide or ammonia-based coloring for 6 months.

9.     One month post-chemotherapy you may have a "gentle" hair cut. Make sure your stylist understands what a "gentle" haircut means.

10. Hair shedding is normal. Cold cap therapy works by protecting the young to medium aged hair follicle bulbs against the chemotherapeutic drugs. These chemotherapeutic                drugs accelerate the old hair follicles to shed early, thus hair shedding. Remember that you are growing about 120 new baby follicles a day and losing the same

        amount even without chemotherapy. Everyone’s metabolism is different, so hair shedding will happen in different amounts and at different times for each person.

11. Using hair products such as gels, foams, and oils are OK to use, but do not rub them into the scalp, only the hair. These products will attract dirt as they pick up smoke and                 particles in the air. Limit their use for cleaner hair.

12. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Cotton and cotton blends will tug on your follicles when you move your head around in your sleep.

13. Drink lots of water to hydrate your entire body system which gives your follicles a big boost!

14. Spritzing your hair with water to gain some volume is fine.

15. From your local Health Food Store, buy the purest form of the mineral Silica to give you hair, skin, and teeth what the chemo is stripping from your body. This mineral is                 needed for healthy new follicles.

16. Color and cuts are not recommended before chemotherapy begins.