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Susan Mulligan (Founder & owner of Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, LLC)
I have been following my passion of connecting with people for as long as I can remember. For many years of my past I was a support group director at a crisis pregnancy center serving women and men. Today, I'm a semi-retired university instructor helping adult students pursue a degree. I have a master's degree in communication and a post-secondary certificate in teaching. I love the classroom, adult students, and I continue to teach evening classes twice a year at a private university in St. Paul. Currently, my clients spread the word of wonderful success as I coach, tutor, consult, do hands-on, and/or train client family members and friends on how to prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss (alopecia) during chemotherapy. I have a remarkable husband, 3 amazing adult children, and 7 of the cutest grandchildren ever!


Hi.  My name is Walt.  I’m the father of two adult sons and grandfather to six of the smartest, most talented and beautiful grandchildren in the world.  I might be slightly biased.  While not a trained medical person, for twelve years prior to my retirement in 2012, I worked for the Sister Kenny (now Courage/Kenny) physicians’ practice at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. In 2015, Susan provided me with excellent consultant training and an internship with her to get me ready to become a Cold Cap Therapy Consultant. 

I was introduced to Cold Cap Therapy by a close family friend, Angie, who at the age of 40 was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy which was followed by chemotherapy.  After going through Susan's Friends & Family Training, I became Angie's Cold Cap Therapist for 11 of her 12 treatments. Few of us get through life without being directly or indirectly touched by cancer.  Many of us have cared for family members and friends with cancer or post cancer surgery.  Some of us, myself included, have received at least one cancer diagnosis.  Each of our journeys is unique.  What binds us together is caring and respect.

I am married to Josh and have 3 young children. I am a social worker, specializing in adoption, but I'm taking some time off to raise my children. I became interested in Cold Cap Therapy as I watched my Aunt Deb go through chemotherapy using Penguin Cold Caps. Although Deb did not always feel 100%, she looked great and no one on earth would have ever guessed she was going through chemotherapy! I love this idea of such privacy, and that not everyone needs to know you are being treated for cancer. I saw the huge boost of confidence Deb had during her treatments because she had her hair and looked exactly like herself! In 2014 Susan had me go through her consultant training and a 3 month internship. I was excited to get out on my own and help women and men be successful with their hope & dream of keeping their hair during chemotherapy. Being a part of this process is so rewarding!

I am the mother of two great kids. One is a student at St. Thomas University, and the other is in high school. I have spent my entire career until now, in the field of sales. My life was changed when my best friend since kindergarden was diagnosed with breast cancer. She asked me to help her with her Cold Cap Therapy process. I was blessed to have the opportunity to be with her for all 16-treatments. My friend's journey has inspired me to help others maintain their dignity, self-confidence, and have some control over the chemotherapy experience. Today, I am so thankful for yet another opportunity...to meet amazing, hopeful, and inspiring people during such a difficult season in their lives.