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Core Commitments

Alli: Before, during, after

At Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, we provide the following Core Commitments so we can serve you the best we can:


1.     Ease: We want to provide ease of access and use for using Penguin Cold Caps. Let us help you.


2.     Clarity: Trained staff is available to assist clients in navigating how to walk through the requirements and use of the Penguin Cold Cap program. Call us for details.


3.     Predictability: With consistent fixed and yet flexible schedules, we can help you manage an active life so that dealing with your hair does not become cumbersome.

        We will continue to support you as long as you need us.


4.     Responsiveness: Staff provides quick and clear responses to the fears or questions you may have using Cold Cap Therapy. We are available almost all of the time.