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"I work with clients who have been diagnosed with cancer and need to go through chemotherapy. If they are concerned about losing their hair, I can give them support, training in the fine details of capping, advocating with the clinic staff, and hope of being successful in saving their hair through the process of Cold Cap Therapy. Reducing stress during this difficult time is invaluable." ~ Susan Mulligan of Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, LLC

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Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, LLC

Hair loss has been established as one of the most traumatic side effects of chemotherapy treatment. The degree of hair loss during chemo is both drug and dose dependent, and some people even refrain from life saving chemo treatments to avoid losing their hair. Now there is a solution to prevent full hair loss from occurring as a result of chemotherapy drugs.

You may have heard of Penguin Cold Caps referred to as ice caps, icy caps, cold caps, scalp cooling, or something similar. Regardless of what has brought you here, we want to help you in making a more informed decision in how Penguin Cold Cap Therapy can fit into your treatment plan.

Cold Cap Therapy Midwest, LLC is a full-service  company that provides help for those who choose to use Cold Cap Therapy during chemotherapy and would like some experienced help navigating the process.


"Lisa wearing a Penguin Cold Cap"
Lisa wearing a Penguin Cold Cap

Jodi during chemo with Penguin Cold Caps
Jodi during chemo with Penguin Cold Caps